-We are a Gamer- we have "Many Lives"

ctrlMain Menu

  • Arcade: Play through the story with the selected character
  • Vs: Select 1~4 players to fight. Set teams or just have an all-out free-for-all.
  • Network: Play with other people online through the internet. Host locally or connect to the FLYNETWORK SYSTEM Lobby.
  • Survival: Engage in consecutive fights until you are defeated. Difficulty raises per victory.
  • Tutorial: A ticker near the bottom will display various commands and teach you how to play/fight.
  • Training: Set CPU actions/fightLvl and practice with them ’till your heart’s content.
  • Play Recording: Keeps track of certain game statistics.
  • Replay: Review saved replays.
  • Options: Adjust a few in-game settings.
  • Exit Game: Closes the game.

Default Controls
These can be changed via the TSAConfig in the game folder or in-game options.

  • Arrow Keys: Character: Menu Navigation
  • Z: In-game (Slide/Dash), Menu (Accept)
  • X: Shoot
  • C: Melee
  • V: In-game (Shield), Menu (Cancel)
  • S: Ascend
  • D: Descend
  • Q: Lock-on
  • A: Trigger/Shift (for casting spells)

– A+X: Spellcard
– A+V: EX-Spellcard
– A+C: Hi-Tension Spellcard
– A+Z: Climax Spellcard
– A+S and A+D: Mirage Slide (in front and behind opponent respectively)

  • Space: Change CPU behavior
  • Enter: Pause/Menu/Start button
  • ESC: Pause/Quit

Character Selection

selectFrom top to bottom of picture.
Player: Set to 1P~4P, CPU or empty slot.
Team: Set to Team A, B, C, or D
Character: Choose out of ten characters or set random as ???.
Type: Either shot type A or B.  Only the normal shot (X) and spellcard (A+X) change.  Thus includes charged shots which are done by holding down the corresponding button(s) and letting go.
Level: Set the handicap.  More stars equals more health.


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