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400px-MBA_MainMenuMain Menu Stuff

  • ストーリー : Story Mode
  • 対戦 : Vs Mode
  • トレーニング : Training
  • ネットワーク : Network Play
  • サバイバル : Survival
  • ミッション : Missions
  • オプション : Options
  • 終了 : Exit Game

Extra Notes: I’m sorry, but the Captain is quite lazy, so these controls were copy-pasted directly from the en.wiki.

The Controls:

  • The Arrow Keys: Menu and Character navigation, The navigation in MBA battles is target relativistic. Rather than moving about in a defined direction (i.e. up, down, left, right) the arrow keys will move the character in a direction relative to the current target.
    • Up: Moves directly towards the target.
    • Down: Moves directly away from the target.
    • Left: Circles the target at the current distance, moving to the left.
    • Right: Circles the target at the current distance, moving to the right.
  • A: Basic Meele Attack. Can be charged on some characters for Stun.
  • Z: Basic Ranged Attack. Can be charged on some characters for Stun.
    • Also used for menu item selection.
  • X: Basic Defensive Power.
  • C: Hold down while moving to sprint, increasing your movement speed.
  • S: Special function key.
    • Hold down S while remaining still, and making no attacks, to rapidly recharge stamina.
    • Holding down S and then one of A,Z or X will activate your characters special attacks. See individual Character pages for their effects. This is Nanoha’s Special Attcak Divine Buster

    divine buster

  • Pressing S and then C when your Burst meter is full will activate Burst Mode for your character.
  • While in burst mode pressing S, C, and A or Z (in that order)will activate your characters ultimate attacks. For Example StarLight Breaker From Nanoha S
  • v
  • Once you use an Ultimate Attack, Burst Mode will end. If you do not use an ultimate attack, Burst Mode will end after a short interval.
  • In addition to Burst Mode, the second ultimate attack (SCZ) can only be used when your character has one bar of Health left. for Example Ultimate Attack From Hayate Ragnarok Breaker.
  • last

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